Plasma Indicators

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The power ranges from 0 to 850 watts, the generator has a PC interface. Main areas of application are activation, cleaning, etching, semiconductor (front-end), semiconductor (back-end), plasma polymerization.

2.45 GHz microwave coupling for plasma applications

Microwave coupling from Diener electronic
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What are plasma indicators?

Plasma indicators are simple and fast test methods for the detection of successful plasma processes.If component surfaces after plasma treatment do not demonstrate the desired properties, expensive complaints can quickly result. However, there are simple methods with which a successful plasma process can be detected, without great expenditure of time..

Why are they applied?

For process control of the following plasma processes: Cleaning-Activating-Etching

What types of indicator are there?

The plasma indicator-metal compound from Diener electronic offers users of plasma systems the possibility to see at a glance whether the applied plasma treatment has successfully occurred. The indicator consists of a liquid metal compound, which decomposes in the plasma. If a drop of this originally colorless liquid is applied on the component itself or a reference sample, it will transforms during the plasma treatment into a shiny metallic coating, which provides a clear contrast for most surfaces.

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