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Plasma Generators

For a plasma system to work, it needs a generator. Which frequency is best for the desired plasma treatment cannot be answered in general terms, but must be decided on a case by case basis. Diener has been offering plasma generators with a frequency of between 50 kHz and 2.45 GHz in its product range for many years, now 13.56 MHz generators have been specially developed and produced, which come with 100 and 300 watt versions.

  1. HF power range of up to 1250 watts depending on the magnetron used, which may be selected from a variety of available power classes (300 W, 850 W and 1200 W)
  2. The intensity of the microwave plasma is continuously adjustable from the respective adjustable ignition point (minimum) to the upper power limit of the selected magnetron (max)
  3. The emission duration is practically continuously variable, depending on the dimensions of the vacuum chamber
  4. Preferable emitter diameter 8 mm for a glass body diameter of 32 mm
  5. Installation of microwave coupling using KF40 welded vacuum small flange on the rear wall of the plasma chamber
  6. Air cooling of the radiating element is possible
  7. Design as a compact unit: Magnetron – waveguide – emitter
  8. Power supply by means of a controllable brand name switching power supply
  9. Mains voltage: 230 V +/- 10 % / 50 Hz

Main applications areas for both powers are plasma applications for activation, cleaning, etching, semiconductor (front-end), semiconductor (back-end) and plasma polymerization. Impedance matching can be achieved either manually (manual matching) or automatically (auto matching) and is necessary in all cases, which is why the HF system consists of a generator and matching.

During manual matching, the matching process must be set at each process start and checked and adjusted sporadically during the process; the capacitors are automatically adjusted and readjusted following changes.

In addition, it is also possible to display the forward and reverse power, safety shutdown via the door switch and vacuum safety switch, quartz-stabilized frequency to comply with EN 55011 and a PC interface

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