Parylene P30

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The unique properties of Parylene:

  • Constant coating thickness, independent of the substrate geometry
  • Pinhole-free, starting from 1 micron
  • Extraordinary good penetration in crevices and holes
  • Very good barrier properties (especially for parylene C)
  • Insolubility
  • Food Authenticity and biocompatibility
  • No environmental impact
  • High temperature resistance (Parylene F-AF4)
Deposited Materials parylene N, C, D, F-VT4
Range of thicknesses 0.05 to 50 micrometers
Dimensions width: approx. 1400 mm
depth: approx. 700 mm
height: approx. 1700 mm
Pyrolysis 2 kW / max. 700 °C
Chamber diameter: 310 mm
height: 500 mm
Carrousel diameter: 150 mm
height: 270 mm
Cold trap Liquid N2
Pump system - Two-stage rotary vane
- Pumping speed 25 m3/h
Ultimate pressure 1 x 10-3 mbar
Control - Full PC control system
- Software based on Windows
Connections - 400 V/16 A/50-60 Hz
- Compressed air: 5-6 bars oil free and dry
Exhaust 25 mm tube

Parylene P30 Brochure


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