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Founded in 2015, Alfa Omega Teknik is a company with a core business in plasma surface technology and fiber particle Analysis. We are the sole agent from Diener Electronic GmbH Germany and IST AG Fiber & Particle Analysis Switzerland

We are committed towards our goal of delivering the best services in industries

In example

  • Packaging Industry

    Increase the Adhesivity the surface before gluing / printing

  • Plasma Activation

    Increase the surface energy to ensure that liquid can be Applied without using chemical primers,liquid adhesion promoters

  • Plasma Etching

    Remove material of surfaces by plasma Process(Dry Etching),Major Applications:Removal of oxide layers,removing photoresist ("Stripping"), Ashing of matrices for analysis, Etching of PTFE, Structuring and Micro-Structuring of semi Conductor

  • Watch-Making

    Cleaning before gluing,Corrosion Resistance on surface

  • Plasma Coating

    Hydrophobic Coating (water repellent), Hydrophilic (water attracting/wetting) and Frictionless Coatings/non-stick coatings

  • Plasma Cleaning

    Micro-cleaning - degreasing in oxygen plasma,Mechanical cleaning by micro-sandblasting and reduction of oxyde layers


Before & After Surface

Plasma increase the surface energy using Plasma Ions, so the surfaces will have better contact with the liquid (Glue, Paint, Etc) on it.

Visualization using test Ink on Acrylic, in animation below:

Painting Result (Grid Cut Test)

Without Activation

With Activation

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